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The Shoffice

29 November 2023

We were tasked with replacing a shed with some storage, an office space and an outdoor seating area. Utilising dead space at the end of the garden.

The Gymshed

29 November 2023

An irregular shaped garden gives us an opportunity to use otherwise wasted space. This provides a gym and shed space to free up space in the house.

Maximise The Minimal

29 November 2023

With little space in which to work, a modest space was designed to allow family members to escape the house.

Bigger & Better

29 November 2023

Having moved, another shoffice was required. This one complete with full bathroom to allow guests to stay comfortably

Birth of The Shoffice

29 November 2023

The need for office space with lots of shelf space lead to this design. Shed & bike stores were also incorporated.

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