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Design and Build Process

We work with you throughout the design process to fulfil your requirements & maximise the potential of your space

1. Design

Once an initial discussion has taken place, a site visit will be arranged to confirm the position, size, and design. Then a final design, specification, and cost will then be produced and agreed with you.

  • Client input is encouraged at all stages of the process.

  • Site visit is important to determine the best design.
  • The team will provide all the support you need.
  • The final design will be created to your specifications.

2. Build

Site preparation will take place including ground anchor placement. Installation of the building will then commence.
  • Each building is constructed using SIP (Structural Insulated Panels).

  • Panels are factory manufactured and assembled on-site.
  • This shell is then finished internally and externally.
  • All is assembled on-site allowing for a rapid build phase.

3. Customisation

There are many ways to finish your building, from wooden or composite cladding, rendering, living walls, aluminum panelling, mirror, astroturf, tile, shingle, the list goes on. Choose whether your building should stand out or blend in. Likewise, your roof can become a sedum or wildflower meadow, or a lawn!
  • Range of doors and windows.

  • Wide choice of cladding options.
  • Specify your interior.
  • Be bold, mix and match materials, keep it simple - it’s your choice.

Custom Options

  • Timber Cladding

    Timber Cladding

  • Green walls

    Green walls

  • Wall Shingles


  • Aluminum panels

    Aluminum panels

  • Brick walls


  • Ceramic tiles

    Ceramic tiles

  • Composite Cladding

    Composite Cladding

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